Year Artist Job Description Project Client
2016 Notapol Srichomkwan Mixer Upcoming Album Spicy Disc
2016 Earl Thomas Mixer Crow
2016 Drew Simpson Engineer/Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2015 Burin Boonvisut Mixer Upcoming Album
2015 Eyvonne Willams Mastering LA Inspirational Singers A New Thing
2015 Eyvonne Willams Mastering Dannie Belles A New Thing
2015 David Wilks Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2015 They Call Me Legion Engineer No Such Thing Independent
2014 Anne Daleney Engineer Upcoming Album Independent
2014 Andy Laidman Engineer Upcoming Album Independent
2014 John Nowak Engineer/Mixer Don’t Hold Back Independent
2014 Eyvonne Williams Mastering Upcoming Album A New Thing
2014 Ro Ransom Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2014 Skosh Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2013 David Wilks Mixer So Here We Are & It’s All Good Independent
2013 Nevah Mixer Tales From Nevahland Independent
2013 The Jump City Social Club Mixer Miles To Go Independent
2013 Interplay Jazz Septet Engineer/Mixer Demo Independent
2013 Maximum Blue Engineer/Mastering Upcoming Album Independent
2011 Food Network Pilot Location Recording Food Network Pilot Tollbooth Corporation
2011 Drew Simpson Engineer Noteworthy Independent
2011 P.O.P Mixer You’re My Everything Independent
2011 Strange Love Engineer/Pro Tools/Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2010 Eyvonne Williams Mixer/Engineer/Pro Tools How Beautiful Are The Feet A New Thing
2010 Palmy Pancharoen Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2010 Finding Kalman Engineer Finding Kalman Memory Project Productions
2010 Burin Boonvisut Mixer Gran Turismo Spicy Disc
2010 Jack Lee/Lee Ritenour Engineer Arirang  
2010 Casanova The Musical Engineer Demo Independent
2010 Notapol Srichomkwan Mixer Upcoming Album Spicy Disc
All Star / Lee Ritenour Engineer/Pro Tools Six String Theory Concord
Larraine Newman Pro Tools Spoken Word Performance Independent
Nathan Gunn Engineer On Location Record The Broad Stage
2009 Juan Diego Florez Engineer On Location Record The Broad Stage
2009 Garrison Keillor Engineer On Location Record The Broad Stage
Bill Duke Engineer Jackie Robinson Documentary Independent
Slow Parade Mixer Demos Independent
Billy Bragg Engineer/Mixer On Location Record The Broad Stage
2009 Boyd-Nop Mixer Away Far So Independent
Dave Fleschner Trio Mixer Creepin’ Up Fleschtone Records
The Greybeards Engineer/Mixer Demos Independent
Eyvonne Williams-Hines Engineer Demos Independent
Annakei Engineer Touch Videoarts
Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Engineer Act Your Age Immergent
A Year Without Summer Mixer/Engineer Demos Independent
Erin Knight Mixer/Engineer Upcoming Album Independent
James Ingram Engineer Demos Independent
See Spot Engineer/Mixer The Robbery Independent
Colin Giles Engineer Demos Independent
Bill Purdy Mixer Move My Way Independent
Groove Riders Mixer The Lift Spicy Disc
Jimmy Haslip Pro Tools Misc. Editing Independent
Relax Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Chiara Civello Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour Engineer Amparo Decca
The Amin El Collective Mixer/Engineer The Amin El Collective Independent
Jeff Lorber Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Lee Ritenour Mixer Upcoming Beatles Tribute Toyo Music
Gerald Albright Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Boogaloo Assassins Engineer/Mixer Demos Independent
Heritage Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
Daniela Schaechter Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Anri Mixer/Engineer Concert DVD / TV Special MTV Japan
Mezzoforte Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Hiromi Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Patti Austin Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Angeli Knows Turquoise Engineer/Mixer Demo Independent
Kool and The Gang Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Rendezvous All Stars with Dave Koz, Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler, Waymon Tisdale, & Brian Simpson Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Michael Lington with Eric Benet Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Indonesian Idols with Dave Koz and Vinny Valentino Mixer Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
George Benson & Al Jerreau Engineer/Pro Tools Givin’ It Up Concord
Lee Ritenour Mixer Upcoming Live Concert DVD Java Jazz
Tita Lima Mixer/Pro Tools 11:11 Independent
Jeff Weaver Engineer/Mixer Eric Streit political radio commercial Independent
Lee Ritenour Mixer/Engineer/ Programming Smoke and Mirrors Peak
Chelo Mixer Club Remix of “Cha Cha” BMG
Brian Bromberg Pro Tools Upright Downright B2
Ryu Si Won Pro Tools Asian Blow – Natsu No Yume / Sukidesu, Sukidesu Tokuma Japan Communications
Suki Mixer Song for movie “Killing Ariel Farmhouse Films
Kor Mixer The Workings Of The Soul Spicy Disc
Nik & Sam Mixer Upcoming Album Independent
2005 Anri Engineer/Pro Tools Söl Columbia
2005 Bobby Rodriguez Engineer Demo Independent
2005 Phaedra Engineer/Mixer Upcoming Album 55 Entertainment
2005 Charles Wright Engineer/Mixer/ Programming Dance Remix of “Express Yourself” Warner Brothers
2005 Phaedra Engineer/Mixer Upcoming Album 55 Entertainment
2004 Suhaila / Jayna / Rania Pro Tools/Mixer Belly Dance For Beginners – DVD Series Natural Journeys
2004 Johnny Mathis Pro Tools Isn’t It Romantic: The Standards Album Columbia
2004 Eyvonne Williams-Hines Engineer/Mixer Begin An The Inn A.N.T. Enterprises
2004 Penelope Engineer/Pro Tools Upcoming Album 55 Entertainment
2004 Ebony Engineer/Pro Tools Demos 55 Entertainment
2004 Dani Engineer/Pro Tools Upcoming Album 55 Entertainment
2004 The Cars Engineer/Mixer/Programmer Remix of “Just What I Needed” for Circuit City Commercial Machine Head
2004 David DeLautour Engineer/Mixer Song for WB Sitcom “What I Like About You Warner Bros. TV
2004 The Doors Engineer/Mixer/ Programming Remix of “Light My Fire Doors Music
2004 Lillix Engineer/Pro Tools Song for Disney Movie “Princess Diaries 2 Maverick
2004 Lee Ritenour Engineer/ Mixer Overtime – Live DVD Video Arts
2004 Junk Mixer Spin It Like A Spaceman – Songs featured on WB Sitcom “One Tree Hill” Spirit Music / 1970
2004 Sally Zito Engineer Upcoming Album Would Work
2004 Hillbilly Mafia Producer/Engineer Hillbilly Mafia Independent
2003 Ted Lange Engineer/Pro Tools The Poetry Of Paul Laurence Dunbar Independent
2003 Lillix Pro-Tools Editor Theme From MTV Show “Rich Girls Maverick
2003 Avlimil Engineer/Mixer National TV Commercial
2003 Henchmyn Producer/Engineer The Entertainment’s Here Independent
2003 Lee Ritenour Engineer Boeing Inc. Industrial Video Hollywood
2003 Calvin Richardson Pro Tools 2:35 PM Hollywood
2003 Ryan Cabrera Engineer/Pro Tools Take It All Away Atlantic
2003 The Serotonins Producer/Engineer Easier Than Learning To Read Independent
2003 Aretha Franklin Pro Tools So Damn Happy Atlantic
2003 All Star/Lee Ritenour Engineer/Pro Tools Twist Of Motown GRP
2003 Diane Schuur Pro-Tools/Engineer Midnight Concord
2003 Terence Blanchard Engineer/Pro Tools Bounce Blue Note
2003 Zoe Scott Engineer/Pro Tools Beautiful to be Alive Independent
2003 Midway Mix Engineer Demos Independent
2003 Debbie Allen Engineer/Mixer National Radio Infomercial
2003 Johnny Rzeznik Engineer/Pro Tools Misc. Projects EMI
2002 Bonnie McKee Engineer/Pro Tools Trouble Warner Bros.
2002 Anri Engineer/Pro Tools Smooth Jam Colony Surf
2002 Lillix Mixer/Engineer Theme For WB Sitcom “What I Like About You” Also used in the movies”Freaky Friday” and 13 Going On 30 Maverick
2002 Sheila Nichols Pro Tools Wake Hollywood
2002 BBMak Pro Tools Treasure Planet Disney/Hollywood
2002 Phil Collins Pro Tools Testify Atlantic
2002 Forty Foot Echo Engineer/Pro Tools Forty Foot Echo Hollywood
2002 Glen Ballard &Alan Silvestri Engineer/Pro Tools Demo - The Way You Get To Love
2002 Amin Engineer/Pro Tools Upcoming Album Independent
2002 BBMak Pro Tools Into Your Head Hollywood
2002 Fourplay Pro Tools Heartfelt Warner Bros.
2002 Lee Ritenour Engineer/Pro Tools Rit’s House GRP
2002 AM Radio Pro Tools Radioative Elektra
2002 Mindy Abair Engineer/Pro Tools Demos GRP
2001 Jonathan Butler Engineer/Pro Tools Surrender Warner Brothers
2001 The Affair Of The Necklace Engineer/Pro Tools DVD Director Commentaries Warner Brothers
2001 Will Downing Engineer/Pro Tools Sensual Journey Verve
2001 Harvey Mason Pro Tools Unreleased Independent
2001 Phil Perry Engineer/Pro Tools Magic Peak
2001 Larry Williams Engineer/Pro Tools Beautiful Struggle Sony Music
2001 All Star / Lee Ritenour Engineer/Pro Tools GRP Xmas Album GRP
2001 Anri Engineer/Pro Tools Sunset Beach Hotel Colony Surf
2001 Linda Mark Producer / Engineer Demo Independent
2001 Naoko Pro Tools Naoko Live Video Arts
2001 All Star / Lee Ritenour Engineer/Pro Tools Twist Of Marley GRP
2000 Joe Webb Producer/Engineer Joe Webb Independent
2000 Naoko Engineer/Pro Tools Princess T Video Arts
2000 Anri Pro Tools Beach House Colony Surf
2000 Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour* Engineer/Pro Tools Two Worlds Decca
1999 Danny Jung Assistant Engineer Make A Wish Sony Korea
1999 Craig Perkins Pro Tools Independent
1999 Audio Books Pro Tools The Slave Maker Audio Literature
1999 Audio Books Pro Tools Compliments To The Chef Audio Literature
1999 Audio Books Pro Tools Remembering Blue Audio Literature
1999 Christian Lane Assistant/Pro Tools Down To This Orchard
1999 California Assistant Engineer California Trauma
1999 Deana Carter Assistant Engineer King Of The Hill Soundtrack Elektra/Asylum
1999 The Cult Assistant Engineer The Doors:Stoned Immaculate Elektra/Asylum
1999 Mari Hamada Assistant Engineer Cats And Dogs
1999 The Suicide Machines Assistant Engineer The Sucide Machines Hollywood Records
1999 Cypress Hill Assistant Engineer Tom Morello Remix
1999 Chicago Assistant Engineer Chicago XVI Chicago
1999 Hanson Assistant Engineer This Time Around Polygram
1999 Korn Assistant Engineer Follow The Leader Immortal / Epic
1999 Esthero Engineer Unreleased Sony
1999 Luis Miguel Assistant Engineer Amarte Es Un Placer WEA
1999 Radford Assistant Engineer Radford RCA
1999 Bang Tango Assistant Engineer Greatest Tricks Cleopatra
1999 The Carpenters Engineer The Essential Collection A&M
1999 Macy Gray Assistant Engineer On How Life Is Epic
1998 Billy Corgan Assistant Engineer Stigmata” Soundtrack Virgin
1998 Stir Assistant Engineer Holy Dogs Capitol
1998 Downer Assistant Engineer Downer Roadrunner
1998 Quiet Riot Assistant Engineer Alive And Well Cleopatra
1998 Blinker The Star Assistant Engineer August Everywhere Dreamworks
1998 Zelia Duncan Assistant Engineer Acesso WEA
1998 Lenny Bruce with Phil Spector Assistant Engineer Unreleased
1998 MXPX Assistant Engineer Let It Happen Tooth and Nail
1998 Blue Plate Special Mixer Unreleased Independent
1998 Angry Salad Assistant Engineer Angry Salad Atlantic
1998 Cinderella Assistant Engineer Live Greatest Hits Cleopatra
1998 Coal Chamber Assistant Engineer Chamber Music Roadrunner
1998 Joe Cocker Assistant Engineer Night Calls – 5.1 DTS
1998 Yes Assistant Engineer Live At Universal Amphitheater DTS
1998 Chicago Assistant Engineer Chicago XXV Chicago
1998 Where’s Marlowe Assistant Engineer Where’s Marlowe? Soundtrack Paramount
1998 Vonda Sheppard Assistant Engineer Songs From Alley McBeal Sony/550 Music
1998 Stevie Nicks Assistant Engineer Unreleased
1998 The Wallflowers Assistant Engineer Godzilla” Soundtrack Epic
1998 Melissa Etheridge Assistant Engineer Breakdown Island
1998 Chicago Assistant Engineer Heart Of Chicago – Volume Two Chicago
1998 Ringo Starr Assistant Engineer Vertical Man Mercury
1997 Josh Clayton Felt Assistant Engineer Spirit Touches Ground A&M
1997 Fuzzbubble Assistant Engineer Fuzzbubble Bad Boy
1997 Dubstar Assistant Engineer Goodbye Polygram
1997 Wig Assistant Engineer Wireland Island
1997 Goodfellaz Assistant Engineer Goodfellaz/td> Polygram
1996 Rachel Howe Mixer/Engineer/ Producer Demos Independent
1996 Bleu Mixer/Producer Demos Independent
1996 Juliana Hatfield Assistant Engineer Please Do Not Disturb Bar / None
Black And White And Red All Over Assistant Engineer Black And White And Red All Over Caballeros
1996 Spiral Junction Mixer/Engineer Demo Independent
1995 Kachimbo Mixer/Engineer Unreleased Live Recordings Independent
1995 Spiral Junction Mixer/Engineer Demos Independent
1994 Projecto Fama Mixer/Engineer Demo Independent
1994 Couch Of Eureka Mixer/Engineer This Life Lookout
1992 Lily Jones Mixer/Engineer Self Released Album Independent
1990 The River Mixer/Engineer Demo Independent
1991 Fox & Ford Mixer/Engineer Self Released Album Independent
1989 The Banned Mixer/Engineer Demos Independent
Producers/Engineers worked with include: Burt Bacharach, Rob Cavallo, Phil Spector, Glen Ballard, Ric Okasek, Lee Ritenour, Barry Manilow, Paul Brown, Mike Clink, Eric Valentine, John Shanks, Andy Slater, Roy Bittan, Mark Hudson, Randy Staub, Don Murray, Ken Andrews, Billy Corgan, Paul Fox, Tom Morello, Allen Sides, Joe Chiccarelli, Al Schmidt, Steve Churchyard, Allen Meyerson, Ed Thacker, Gordon Goodwin, Tony Phillips, Marc Desisto, Bob Marlette, Ken Allardyce, Brian Schueble, Nick Didia, Steve Kravac, Bill Kennedy, Philip Steir, Dave Audé, Eddie DeLena, and Eric Sarafin.