Recording Magazine Excerpts


Jan. 2011 Recording Live Performances Fearlessly facing foes at Front of House and more . . .
Mar. 2010 Become a Recording Songwriter! The why and how.
Nov. 2008 Project Budgeting It’s a brave new world out there – making the money work out is YOUR job . . .
Nov. 2007 Acoustic Guitar Miking Options An in-depth look at recording a must have instrument.
Sep. 2006 Making The Master Preparing your music for mastering.
Apr. 2006 10 Tips for Better Low End Get that low end tight and get it right.
Sep. 2005 Creating Convincing Drum Mixes Getting your drum mix right.
Apr. 2005 Our Friend The Conga Getting started with recording the conga.
May 2005 Songwriter Becomes Producer Should you hire a producer or do it yourself?


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